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Splish Splash Swim Lessons was started in 2010 to provide swim lessons in your own backyard! Swim lessons at local clubs can run up to $200 for 8 half-hour lessons. They are often taught by inexperienced instructors, who are just lifeguards at the club. Group lessons at these clubs offer a cheaper cost, but less personalization and individual attention to the child.

My name is Corinne, and I am the owner of Splish Splash Swim. I started this company in order to provide private and semi-private lessons to the Burlington and Camden county area. I have been swimming competitively since I was 5 years old, and finished out my career at YMCA Nationals in 2010. I currently swim with the masters program at my college, while earning degrees in Management, Marketing, and Sport and Entertainment Management. I have been teaching lessons for six years, and have loved every minute of it!

I have worked with children from ages 3 and up, with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. I am certified in CPR/AED, First Aid, as well as Lifeguarding by the American Red Cross. I have previously instructed in Mt. Laurel/Lumberton primarily but depending on the situation would consider traveling farther. If I cannot accommodate the distance I know many other lesson instructors in the New Jersey area who I can recommend.

Splish Splash Swim is all about convenience and affordability. It is about providing quality lessons by an experienced instructor, who teaches proper technique over “just good enough” swimming. It’s about individualization for each and every student, because no two children learn exactly the same way. Most of all, it is about making sure swim lessons are fun, and not another chore!

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